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Planner & Journal

Flow hardcover

Flow hardcover

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Planner Files

  • Light undated planner file
  • Dark undated planner file

Bonus Files

  • Bonus - handwritten font (Flowhand)
  • Bonus - Digital sticker pack
  • Bonus - App icons for home screen


Purchases of digital downloads are final and non-refundable. Upon purchasing the journal, the digital files will be immediately available for download. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

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Free bonuses included

Dark version ($30 value)

Flow digital comes with the regular light version, as an added bonus the dark version is included for free.

Flowhand font ($15 value)

The perfect font for you to achieve that coveted handcrafted appearance while still maintaining a clean and neat finish. Say goodbye to compromising on style or readability, and hello to the perfect balance of both.

Digital sticker pack ($8 value)

A colorful set of digital stickers that can be used however you like. We like to use them on the time blocking page to block out time with specific colors.

Small actions – big results

Flow digital is intentionally minimal to help you focus on what's important. By making small, conscious choices each day with the help of Flow, you can create a habit of productivity and achieve whatever you desire.

  • Supercharge your productivity

    Transform your scattered thoughts into an organized plan, and watch your productivity soar.

  • More self-awareness

    Through intentional planning of your day, you can develop a deeper sense of focus and awareness, enabling you to accomplish more with less effort.

  • Cultivate gratitude

    Being grateful redirects your attention towards the abundance in your life that already exist. This helps you to concentrate on the good things that will expand with attention.

  • Boost clarity & focus

    Having a clear schedule with designated time slots for tasks can provide a sense of direction, enabling you to achieve your goals faster.

Your questions answered

Does Flow digital work in portrait and landscape?

Yes, the layout is designed so that you can rotate your device whatever way you prefer and start planning.

Is Flow digital an app?

No, Flow digital is designed to work with an annotation app. We recommend Goodnotes but it's compatible with most PDF readers including Notability and Zoomnotes.

Is Flow digital dated?

No, we kept it undated so that you can pick it up and start at any time without worrying about wasting a page.

How many pages?

Flow is made to last atleast a quarter of the year. That will give you a minimun of 90 days if you plan or journal everyday. Also you can add or copy pages as you like because it's digital remember!

Is there a physical version?

No, but Flow digital is sized to be printed if you really want to write on paper.