Plan your day with Flow


The daily layout

This is how you will start everyday. The layout works equally as well in portrait and landscape. Simply rotate your device to switch between the two like usual.

Inspiring lyrics

Every day, you'll see a new song lyric to help inspire you. But it's important to remember that inspiration is only valuable if you take action on it. Remember, inspiration without action is dead.

Habit tracking

This is where you list out the small daily Do's & Don'ts that will make a difference long term. Reread as a reminder to stay on track throughout the day.

Gratitude & intention

Expressing gratitude is about realizing what you have and allowing the flow of more to come in. Your intention sets the foundation and determines your actions for the day.


Your actions today shape your tomorrow. Take steps towards manifesting your desires. Write it down and follow through! The most valuable task comes first followed by the rest of your priorities.

Time blocking

Time blocking is a productivity technique that involves dividing your day into blocks of time for specific tasks, this helps increase efficiency and focus, as well as reduce stress by ensuring that all important tasks are completed.

What's included

  • 90+ daily pages

    Flow digital has 92 daily pages which covers one quarter of the year. The pages are undated, allowing you to start anytime. Now is a great time!

  • Light and dark versions

    You get both the light and dark version included with your purchase at no extra charge.

  • Portrait & landscape

    Flow digital works equally as well in portrait or landscape orientation, just rotate your device as usual.

  • Lyrics for inspiration

    At the start of every daily page a new lyric is presented as inspiration. But please remember inspiration without action is dead.

  • Undated format

    Customizable to your schedule, allowing you to plan your month with important dates, priorities, or and reminders. It's undated, so you can use it anytime.

  • Free add-ons

    The add-ons allow you to transform the time-blocking page into a space for journaling, reflection, or anything else you desire.


Prefer a hardcover?

We've got you covered with our all-black A5 size book, complete with 100gsm premium paper and ribbon bookmark with print. It's got the same layout as our Flow digital journal, but you get the added bonus of having a physical copy to hold and flip through. Leave your email below to be notified.